Project: SenseAware Product Launch Website
Client: FedEx
Role: Senior Front-End Developer

SenseAware is a cutting-edge product created by the FedEx innovation team that utilizes real-time, sensor-based technology to provide customers with valuable information about their shipments. As a Senior Front-End Developer, I played an essential role in developing the multilingual SenseAware product launch website.

  • Worked closely with the team to ensure that the website met our clients’ requirements and expectations
  • Developed a custom WordPress theme from scratch that included a range of features such as custom login modules, dashboard, widgets, menus, and advanced plugin functionality
  • Conducted extensive testing to ensure that the website functioned seamlessly across all supported browsers
  • Addressed any major layout bugs that were identified
  • Created detailed documentation to assist with client training
Technologies and Tools Used:
  • HTML, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, PHP, and MAMP
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Sublime Text

My contributions to the SenseAware project helped to ensure its success. The multilingual product launch website provided customers with valuable information about their shipments, including critical factors such as location, temperature, light exposure, humidity and other environmental conditions. The custom WordPress theme that I developed from scratch included a range of features that enhanced the user experience and provided our clients with the tools they needed to use the website effectively.