Project: Harry’s Big Adventure Website
Client: Terminix
Role: Front-End Developer

Terminix and the Audubon Insectarium collaborated to launch Harry’s Big Adventure, an interactive and educational program that highlights the intriguing world of insects and their impact on our lives. As a Front-End Developer, I played a key role in the initial version of the website.

  • Led the front-end development, integrating the website with Mura CMS
  • Designed and developed captivating Flash animations and educational games to enrich the learning experience
  • Contributed to all phases of the project, including wireframing, design, creating mockups, testing and optimizing images to improve website performance and reduce load times
  • Created interactive screensavers and other multimedia materials to engage users and promote the brand
Technologies and Tools Used:
  • HTML5, CCS3,  and JavaScript
  • Mura CMS
  • Flash, Actionscript 2
  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Sublime Text
  • Audio editing for sound effects and background music

The Harry’s Big Adventure website was a huge success, with a 25% boost in time spent on the site and pages viewed per visit, outperforming other sites of similar size in the educational website category. The website was honored with the IABC Gold Quill Merit Award in 2009 in recognition of its success. My contributions to the project helped to create an engaging and informative website that enriched the learning experience for users and promoted the brand.



2009 IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Gold Quill Merit Award